The Oak Island and the treasure’s pit

Oak Island ( literally “the island of the Oak “) is a small island located in eastern Canada. The story begins in 1795 , when the young Daniel McGinnis , as he walked , he was intrigued by a depression of land located near an old oak tree , the branches of which stood a pulley.

The day after Daniel began digging along with two of his friends who were aware of the local legends of pirates and buried treasure. They dug deep , but at some point they were forced to abandon the enterprise , too tiring for them. Thus was born the legend of Oak Island . The name of that pit remained for all the eternity the “Money Pit “, that means the pit of money. In the early 1800s , a private company, the Onslow Company, resumed excavations giving credence to rumors of a hidden treasure. At thirty feet deep, the mood of the men reached the stars. They found themselves in front of a huge slab of stone which bore illegible engravings. It was already night when, probing the ground underneath the slab with a crowbar , they hit something durable. It was perhaps the treasure chest ? The workers , exhausted , decided to return to work the next day, but a surprise was waiting for them . During the night, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean had completely flooded the pit . All the attempts to empty it turned out unsuccessful (the last was in 1966 ) . There are several hypotheses about the alleged treasure preserved in Oak Island. Some people think it is a treasure of the French Crown, the treasure of the Templars or even the Holy Grail. Regarding the treasures, a reflection arises naturally. Sometimes we go frantically searching for our personal treasure , the goal we desperately want to achieve : success at work, a family at all costs , a lottery win , etc. .. The only problem is that the treasure, once conquered, often leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, perhaps because we seek confirmations and security outside ourselves, instead of inside . Are you looking for a treasure as well ? In what way? What do you think about that?

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