Dear friends, here is my last passionate effort: “Myth and Tales”.

It is an original and countercurrent e-book, which collects marvelous paintings and stories about ancient and modern myths. In it the explosive force of the images merges with an engaging and intriguing narration, which leads you to the discovery of a new dimension, in which the categories of space and time are altered and transformed into a seductive and surprising eternal “here and now”. This book is a genuine gift to ourselves: it frees our imagination from the bonds imposed by everyday life and draws us into an intimate dimension, made of profound and powerful freedom. I am immensely happy to share with you this exciting journey through kaleidoscopic images and deep reflections. I like the idea of not being alone, while with Hypatia I turn my gaze to the heavenly vault and question the faraway stars. I am still with you and the crazy Don Quixote, while we pursue our Dream for all our life. And also, we are under the scorching sun of Mexico City, in the emerald garden of the Casa Azul, to discuss with Frida Kahlo the inevitable alternation of love.

Myths are part of the life of each of us. Who was not the protagonist of a human odyssey? Whole areas of our brain are dedicated to Myths, Fairy Tales and Archetypal Images, which belong to a different dimension from the arid real life. Immersing ourselves in the Myths means sinking into a “perennial energy” and finally finding ourselves again; it also means grasping the mystery of our life. “Only he who finds his original essence will live” (Zhuang-zi). My reflection and my pictorial production on the myths is contained in the e-book “Myth and tales” by Mariangela Bombardieri and is on sale on Amazon. There are two versions of the book: one in Italian and one in English. Enjoy the bright pictures and the catching reading!

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